Our Products

FEAD Control

FEAD Control

  • A/C Clutch
  • Over Torque Protection Device
  • Fan Clutch Control
ELD Actuator

Electronic Locking Differential Actuator

  • Moving Coil
  • Fixed Coil / Moving Armature
Axle Disconnect

Axle Disconnect

  • E/M Brake
Steer by Wire

Steer By Wire

  • E/M Safety Device
Transfer Case Synchronizer Coil

Transfer Case Synchronizer Coil

  • E/M Coil
Transmission Shift Synchronizer

Transmission Shift Synchronizer

  • E/M Brake
eDrive Systems

eDrive Systems

  • ELD Coil
Sliding Door / Hatch Lift

Sliding Door / Hatch Lift

forged / machined components

Forged / Machined Components

Typical End Applications

  • Air Conditioning Compressor
  • Electro-magnetic clutch and brake
  • Clutched Supercharger
  • Clutched Liquid Heat Generator
  • Clutched Water Pump
  • Electro-magnetic locking differential
  • 4WD Transfer Case
  • Power Transfer Unit
  • Electro-magnetic Control Device
  • Hybrid / electric drive systems
  • Powertrain components
  • Clutched Roots type blower

About Us

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Design and Validation
    • 2D / 3D model and FEM Analysis (Structural, EM, Thermal, Plasticity)
  • Prototype Samples
    • Used for design validation (DV) test
    • Dimensionally a copy of final design
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
    • Regularly scheduled Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) meetings to evaluate progress against milestones
  • Production Tooling / Production Validation
    • Install production tooling and complete Production Validation (PV) test
  • SOP / Production Ramp Up
    • Align production to customer ramp up requirements
  • After Launch Support
    • Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VAVE) and Material Cost Reduction (MCR) ongoing activity


Ogura utilizes computer aided design, 3D modeling and computer analysis prior to cutting the first piece of metal for prototype components. Computer analysis includes finite element analysis and computer analysis of the magnetic flux circuit. Our in-house prototype shop fabricates economical prototypes using production-intent processes for short lead times.



Cold Forging

Our cold forging operation includes independent bonderlube and forging lines.

roll forming

Roll Forming

We have roll forming lines which were specifically designed to produce high-volume poly-v groove rotors.



Our CNC lathes perform finish machining operations on various parts.



Press capabilities include a stamping press with a coil feed system, and two knuckle presses with transfer feed systems.

projection welding

Projection Welding

We also have two automatic indexing projection welding centers.

automated assembly

Automated Assembly

Ogura uses extensive automation in our assembly processes.