Air Conditioning Compressor

The use of electromagnetic clutches on air conditioning compressors permits the running of the compressor only when there's a demand for conditioned, dehumidified air into the passenger compartment. This provides for the highest HVAC system efficiency, maximum fuel economy of the vehicle and optimum passenger comfort.


Ogura introduced the idea of a clutched supercharger in the 1990's. Prior to this superchargers ran constantly, robbing valuable horsepower from the engine. With the introduction of the clutch, the production of compressed air can be controlled by cycling the supercharger on and off, rather than utilizing a dump valve mechanism.

Liquid Heat Generator

Ogura clutches are utilized on liquid heat generators, which are used to quickly warm up a vehicles engine coolant system and passenger compartment. With the use of an electromagnetic clutch, the device can be turned on upon engine start-up to shorten the time required for an engine to reach optimum operating temperature, and then turned off when it's no longer needed. In diesel vehicles with large passenger compartments like school buses, the clutched liquid heat generator can be used for rapidly providing passenger heat at start-up and when the diesel engine does not provide sufficient heat on an on-going basis.

Water Pump

The clutched water pump is one of the newest applications for Ogura's electromagnetic clutch. This allows the engine to run without the water pump rotating which aids in quick engine warm up, increasing overall fuel mileage and reduces the vehicle's carbon foot print. It should be noted that the water pump clutch is a 'negatively actuated' clutch which, through the use of permanent magnets, is normally engaged, and disengaged when power is applied to the clutch coil.